First Austin DASH Meetup

I started a new meet up group specifically for DASH – Digital Cash. This is our first meet up. Blake Chamness coordinated the time and location and he talks briefly about how he first got into Crypto. I then talk about why I think DASH has such a bright future. Unfortunately, our camera ran out of power about half way through so it end abruptly.

However, we got 12 people who were engaged and interested in DASH, and we setup 7 new DASH wallets and gave away .77 DASH (.11 to each person or about $20 per person)

Everyday Crypto #024 – State of the Art Passwords

For a high security password, which is needed for your e-mail, your password manager, and your cryptocurrency and more, this method is the absolute best while being the easiest to remember, transcribe, and communicate to others.

Side note, also please use 2-factor authentication for all of these as well 🙂

In this video I do a test using Mechanical Turk to transcribe 360 Passwords using random characters, BIP-39, and Diceware. I calculate which method gives the best entropy per second.

I also run a (non scientific) single memory test for each method.


Password Entropy Comparison
Mechanical Turk Raw Data
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Password Gen Tool used for Mechanical turk… DO NOT USE FOR REAL PASSWORDS Doesn’t use Cryptographic secure random number generator!!!!

Everyday Crypto #020 – Shorting bitAssets on Bitshares




In this episode I get into the nitty gritty details behind shorting a bitAsset on the bitshares network.

First, I talk briefly about channel updates, Litecoin and Charlie Lee’s comment on it not needing development, and some updates to Bitshares. Then I dive into how shorts work in general and then specifically how it’s implemented in the bitshares network.

Everyday Crypto #017 – NXT a Scamcoin?

Jeff Garzik has made comments about NXT on and twitter. I respond to all of the Jeff’s concerns around NXT. Jeff does make valid points about things that could be done better and I think the NXT community will take the criticism and ultimately become better. However, in my opinion Jeff does a disservice by calling NXT a scam.


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